Just Give Me What You’ve Got!

Kev the Man 1

Don’t think you’ve got what it takes? Think God can’t use you for anything meaningful? Let me encourage you to think otherwise. Over and over again, the Bible shares stories of men and women who, from the worlds’ perspective, brought very little if anything to the table. God says: “Just Give Me What You’ve Got”

You see, God knows what’s in the hearts of men. He cares less for what is visible to us, and much more for what is on the inside. The book of Proverbs makes reference to man’s heart 76 times. Proverbs 27:19 says “As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man”. The book of Psalms has 100 versus referring to the heart! Psalm 17:3 says that God “probes” our hearts. Repeatedly the Psalms talk about “the upright in heart”, the “rejoicing heart, “the desires of our hearts” and that we should “take heart”.

Interestingly there are two verses in Proverbs referencing the mind and eight in Psalms. Get the idea? God knows and is concerned with our hearts. And so it was the hearts of Abraham and David and Esther that God saw. When Jesus selected His disciples, it was not their physical prowess nor their ability to perform advanced calculus equations that caught His attention…It was what He knew was in their hearts.

So if you’re thinking that you don’t have the skills, strength, smarts or good looks to be used for greatness, think again…”Take Heart”, because God knows your heart and wants to use it (and you). Get your heart right and see what God will do with you. For more encouragement on how God uses, not only biblical characters, but people like you and me…right here in our generation, watch my message on this very topic right here: Just Give Me What You’ve Got