For a Time Such as This

This oft quoted phrase comes from the book of Esther. In chapter 4 of this story, we find Esther in the precarious position of being the only one in that historic moment, who might save her people from slaughter. She must take the risk of approaching the king uninvited, in order that he may become aware of and put a stop to, an evil plot to erase an entire nation of people from the planet. She was placed there, “for a time such as this”.

As we wake each day, looking to determine how to navigate this particular moment in our history, those of us who consider ourselves Christ followers are asking, “how does God want us to use this time?” We are not here by accident, but “for a time such as this”. But what is it we’re supposed to do with this time? To help us in that, it may be the perfect time to ask ourselves that great question that cropped up in the 90’s, “What Would Jesus Do?” Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlight reel of Jesus’ life, and see if we can’t derive the answer to this question.

I love the passages in Luke chapter 8, where Jesus seems to define multi-tasking, as he moves from casting demons out of a crazy guy into a herd of pigs, to traveling to heal a synagogue leader’s daughter, to healing the bleeding woman and back to healing the daughter…all while crowds were following and pressing in on Him! This was a busy day. And notice He didn’t shy away from a crazy guy, a bleeding woman or a dying girl.

Or what about the man with leprosy we hear of in Matthew 8:2-4? It says that “Jesus reached out and touched the man…” No social distancing here!

Now let me be clear. I’m not suggesting we all run out and jump into a pile of coughing, sneezing, feverish people. I am suggesting that we have a hurting world around us and that Jesus never shied away from the sick and hurting. In fact, He ran toward them. That’s what we should do…not so as to put ourselves at risk, but wisely surround them with love, prayer, provision…whatever it takes for them to feel the love of Jesus; and perhaps see it for the first time.

But let’s look at the other side of the “what would Jesus do” coin. In Luke 22:39-41 and Mark 1:35, we see examples of Jesus retreating to a quiet place to pray. In John 17:1-25 we see the heart of Jesus expressed so clearly, as He prays to the Father for Himself, His disciples and all believers who would follow. The clearest instruction from Jesus on prayer is found in Matthew 6:6 where he instructs us: “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father who is unseen…”

Lots of quiet time with God here. So what would Jesus do, in a time such as this? Go off to a quiet place to spend intimate, uninterrupted time with the Father, or forge out to meet the sick, broken and hurting where they are? There’s one answer of course, and that is “yes”. We can and should do both.

Jesus said it best in Matthew 23:23. While arguably referring to a slightly different matter, He said: “…You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former”. In other words, do both.

If we spend the time in prayer and solitude with the Father that we should and meditate on His Word, then the Holy Spirit should be convicting us to go into the broken places of our world to help and heal. We are here, “for a time such as this”.